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Back from vacation - When I rule the world. ;-)

Oct. 22nd, 2005

09:30 am - Back from vacation

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Just got back from California. It is a 13 hour drive each way. We spent Saturday and Sunday participating at the Northern California Renaissance faire at Casa de Fruta. This was the last weekend and they have done a marvelous job at making the faire a wonderful place to be. Two years ago they became the first participant owned faire and what a difference in quality there is. I love the new layout and the energy reminds me a lot of Blackpoint (the benchmark by which all future faires in Northern California will be measured).

We stayed an extra two days to help with tear down. I have been helping with tear down now for the past 7 years at my guild. I belong to the St. Cuthbert's guild of parades and pageants. When we left Vacaville we had 14 pallets for storage, now we are down to 4. Which is good because we are getting rid of lots of old lumber and taking a lot home. Also not having as many pallets to stack really decreases the labor needed to tear down. Every year we have had a few less people helping with tear down, but still manage to finish about the same time. (Coming up with a plan for tear down when we left Vacaville is how I got my masters knot with the guild.)

On Wednesday and Thursday we visited our friends and family still in the area. My father-in-law is doing a complete remodel of their house in Benicia. It is amazing the changes he is making. Essentially he is making it into a mansion with one bedroom. We also visited my grandfather in the hospital, he is in his mid 90's and probably doesn't have long to live. He has diabetes and cancer, but is still very sharp. His wife, my grandmother, passed away a few years ago from Alzheimer's.

On the way there and back we traveled with a friend of Teresa's from work, named Miranda. We dropped her off in Buttonwillow so she could visit with a friend of hers. She is very cool (and hot).

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