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When I rule the world. ;-)

Aug. 27th, 2006

11:35 am - Abandoned in Place

I am moving my blogging to MySpace. You can see me at http://www.myspace.com/dircery

Oct. 22nd, 2005

09:30 am - Back from vacation

Just got back from California. It is a 13 hour drive each way. We spent Saturday and Sunday participating at the Northern California Renaissance faire at Casa de Fruta. This was the last weekend and they have done a marvelous job at making the faire a wonderful place to be. Two years ago they became the first participant owned faire and what a difference in quality there is. I love the new layout and the energy reminds me a lot of Blackpoint (the benchmark by which all future faires in Northern California will be measured).

We stayed an extra two days to help with tear down. I have been helping with tear down now for the past 7 years at my guild. I belong to the St. Cuthbert's guild of parades and pageants. When we left Vacaville we had 14 pallets for storage, now we are down to 4. Which is good because we are getting rid of lots of old lumber and taking a lot home. Also not having as many pallets to stack really decreases the labor needed to tear down. Every year we have had a few less people helping with tear down, but still manage to finish about the same time. (Coming up with a plan for tear down when we left Vacaville is how I got my masters knot with the guild.)

On Wednesday and Thursday we visited our friends and family still in the area. My father-in-law is doing a complete remodel of their house in Benicia. It is amazing the changes he is making. Essentially he is making it into a mansion with one bedroom. We also visited my grandfather in the hospital, he is in his mid 90's and probably doesn't have long to live. He has diabetes and cancer, but is still very sharp. His wife, my grandmother, passed away a few years ago from Alzheimer's.

On the way there and back we traveled with a friend of Teresa's from work, named Miranda. We dropped her off in Buttonwillow so she could visit with a friend of hers. She is very cool (and hot).

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Oct. 12th, 2005

07:56 pm - Two Americas

I was just thinking today as I left the rental I own. In particular about what John Edwards said about the two Americas. His argument was that there are the rich and the poor. Those who have everything handed to them and those who don't; I don't think this is that accurate. It seams to that more often the difference is that there are people who have good credit and those who have bad or no credit. Your credit score has replaced the "my word is my bond" cliché. With a good credit score so many doors are open to you. From getting loans to getting jobs, it is the way you can find out who is a good as their word and those who are not. We brought our rental property based upon two factors one was our credit score the other was the expected rent the property would produce. We contributed a little over $2000 to make the sale happen and that we did on credit. However my tenant, who also had his eyes on purchasing the unit, could not even begin to qualify for a loan. He lives month-to-month and one bad accident caused him to get behind on all of his bills. We did cut him a break, but the gas company shut off his gas. He doesn't have a bank account, doesn't have any savings or health insurance, and he makes well above minimum wage. He cashes his checks at a convenience store for 5% of the value. I believe anyone no mater how they come into this world can still become a self made man/woman if they work hard, save money, AND keep their promises. That is the America I believe in.

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Mar. 9th, 2004

05:49 am - prison time

When I rule the world---

I think prisons should be more about rehabilitation than punishment. I just saw a segment on ABC about the three strikes law in Cali. Yes they all said was that the crime rate went down, however the prisons are over flowing and nobody has shown that the longer you stay in prison reduces your chance of doing something again. What is the point of sending someone to prison for 5 years for vehicular manslaughter while under the influence when they are sorry and with alcoholism treatment they would remain an asset, rather than a burden to society. For some people just the agony of a trial I am sure is enough punishment to keep them from doing it again. It cost somewhere between 50K-75K a year to keep some one in prison, while if they were out and rehabilitated they might have earned that much contributing to our economy.

It cost several million dollars to put someone to death. And they have been finding that more and more of the prisoners on death row did not do it (do to DNA testing). Someone once said it is better to let a hundred guilty people free than to convict an innocent person. Why this society is so bent on an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. I do not know.

One study in the mid-west showed that even simple rehabilitation such as yoga and art reduced the recidivism rate by 30 percent. Imagine if rather than being in prison you learn to be a better criminal you learn to get in touch with the inner you and consequently learn how to be a member of society, rather than an outcast.

We as a society should move from keeping our prisoners together in cages to outpatient treatment with tracking bracelets. Of course with violent crime it is necessary to keep people away from the general populace, but not forever. But we should treat it as a disease, needing treatment rather than an inevitable consequence to crime.

If you send someone away for 20 years, what are they going to do when they get out. Any non-criminal skills they might have acquired before going to prison would be out of date. The only thing they might have learned during prison is from other prisoners on how to be a better criminal. So they will be back. Criminal treatment should last as long as it is necessary. Criminals are a product of society, and we should retrain them to rejoin society.

Let's bring yoga to the big house and stop punishing criminals.


(That's all for now.)

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Feb. 22nd, 2004

03:34 pm - NorCal Faire is back!

My home faire of Renaissance Pleasure Fair Northern California is being reborn under Play Faire Productions at the Casa de Fruta site that it has been at for the past 2 years. The latest News at is that they have completed negotiations with the Zanger Family for the site this year. Too bad I will be in Arizona this year. Maybe In a few years things will be different.


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Feb. 21st, 2004

03:45 pm - baby names

Teresa and I a while back decided on two girl baby names. of Anouk Willow Rose Hewitt and Tabitha Cathleen Joann Hewitt. Still have not come up with a boys name yet. We Figure we are still a few years out from having children, but it doesn't hurt to start thinking about their names. -mu

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Feb. 19th, 2004

10:26 pm - Healthcare

When I rule the world:

Click here for my take on Universal Health CareCollapse )Following the system outlined above and letting the free market run within these constraints, will give everyone access to health care and lower the cost for everyone.

What does everyone think?


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